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Lorrin Ngum

I recall hearing music at backyard parties during my childhood since my relatives would provide the entertainment for weekly family gatherings. Some performed professionally at Don the Beachcomber's in the heart of Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii. Music sounded soothing as I watched each musician maneuver their chosen instrument to produce a desired sound, but that looked too complex and discouraged me from wanting to be a musician. 

I took a high school beginning ukulele class as an elective to fulfill graduation requirements for a high school diploma. The class was a snap and I had no idea the easiness was due to "natural" ability. My instructor encouraged me to enroll in the intermediate ukulele class and my father tried to further my interest by playing the ukulele in my presence. However, surfing continued to be my passion.

I left Hawaii to attend college in Southern California, taking a few Don Ho vinyl albums with me. Listening to music of Hawaii made me homesick and suddenly sparked my interest to play a musical instrument, but resources to learn Hawaiian music were not readily available. I walked into a Pasadena, California, music store and purchased a Fender guitar and amp along with an assortment of guitar chord books and fingering charts. My colleagues thought I was "nuts" as I painstakingly plucked all over the guitar to match any identical sound emulating from my Creedence Clearwater Revival phonograph record. 

1967 was my beginning as a musician and today I am a professional who plays authentic and contemporary music of Hawaii as my specialty.



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Lorrin,  I was on facebook, and this popped up.  Hope all is well with you and the band! 



Dennis Nakashima

Kaneohe, Hawaii


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Hauoli La Hanau!  Hope you hava wonderful birthday!