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Music Studies

Hawaiian Lyrics on

Huapala is an archive of Hawaiian songs. Much of the archive is in the Hawaiian language with English translations. Also included is information about the composers and history of the songs. The site also archives Hapa Haole songs as well as some Tahitian and Samoan songs.

Web Metronome

This online interactive metronome provides a very large display with settings for tempo and number of beats. It also allows you to set which beat is emphasized. An excellent visual and audible metronome. Here's another that is visually more sculpted.

Online Traditional Metronome

This free online metronome looks like the traditional windup metronomes. Very easy to use..

What's that Tempo?

Metronomer is an online metronome that lets you tap out a beat to determine the BPM (beats per minute). This is very handy when you are trying to figure out what the BPM is for a song you are playing or listening to.

Jam Play Metronome

A very nice visual display with the ability to easily set the emphasis on any beat.

Chords! Online

This site claims that it is the world's most accurate harmony recognition service. This is how it works: you upload an MP3 file and it figures out the key, tempo, and chords; it then creates a Flash movie that plays the MP3 while displaying the chord you play to keep time with the song! It works really well. It also stores the Flash movies and lets you share and embed them.

Learn Ukulele on Sheep Entertainment

A great place to learn chords on standard and baritone ukuleles,expore alternate neck positions for chords, click on string/fret positions to find out what a chord is, and play along with videos. Sheep Entertainment was the name of the original site. It now points to There's a story about the site name...maybe someday I'll fill you in.

Hawaiian Studies

Na Puke Wehewehe ʻOlelo Hawai'i

Online dictionary for translating Hawaiian to English and vice versa.

Our Favorite Music

Check out Pandora, "Kani'olu Station", for a sample of our favorite Hawaiian music.