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Frequently asked questions

Can you provide dancers?

Kani'olu is a musical performance group. If you would like to have one or two hula dancers perform a few times during our performance, we can arrange that. Dancers will be provided by Kumu Shawna Alapa'i from her Halau. However, if you are looking for a hula performance that is accompanied by music, we suggest you contact Shawna Alapa'i directly to book your event.

How many people are in your band?

Typically, our band consists of four members: Na Maka doing vocals and ukulele, Lorrin doing vocals and guitar, Matt on ukulele and percussion, and Wayne on bass. However, depending on your venue, budget, and our availability, we put together the right number and mix of performers appropriate for your event drawing from our extended 'ohana.

What types of venues do you perform at?

We play for a wide variety of private events including weddings, birthdays, luaus, anniversaries, graduations, retirements, and other like celebrations. We are also available for public bookings at restaurants, wineries, clubs, and corporate offices. Our sound is appropriate for smaller, more intimate events from 20 to 100 people or more.

What area do you service?

Kani'olu performs in Northern California, all over the Bay area.  For venues outside of Marin county, there may be an additional fee to cover travel expenses.

Where are you located?

Three of our band members live in Mill Valley, California, and one lives in Petaluma, California. Other vocalists, instrumentalists, and dancers who perform with us live in either Marin or Sonoma counties.

What kind of music do you play?

Kani'olu performs music with a decidedly Hawaiian style which comes from the roots, experiences, interests, and preferences of our members. Some songs are sung in the Hawaiian language, some with a mix of Hawaiian and English, and others in all English. We even have some in French.

In addition to traditional Hawaiian songs you may hear us play music from Pop, Blues, Country, Contemporary, Oldies, and many other genres. No matter what the genre, our music is perfect for situations where good conversation, food, drink, and music can be equally enjoyed.